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From inner space to outer space ripples are spreading and merging. I love those moments in life when everything seems interconnected and in tune – my inner hippy is always lurking just below the surface!

English: Heart of Reeds, Lewes Railway Nature ...

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With thoughts of the nature of water and landscape and pastoral sounds echoing in my head I find myself at the Royal British Society of Sculptors in South Kensington for a talk by land artist Chris Drury (see Heart of Reeds in Lewes, East Sussex, UK illustrated above, a growing landscape created by Chris in his home town). Chris’s work embodies landscape literally and metaphorically. He uses two and three dimensional means to explore and express ideas on human beings and nature, politics and anthropology, creating works for galleries and in the landscape both permanent and ephemeral, nationally and internationally. ‘Silent Spaces’ is the title of a book he produced in 2004 illustrating his work, an evocative phrase.

He has two works in the exhibition ‘Drawing on Ideas’ at the RBS until 4th May – ‘Destroying Angel Trinity’ (2003) and ‘Destroying Angel Nevada’ (2011)

Destroying Angel Nevada (photo copyright Chris Drury)

These pieces reference deadly mushrooms, desert thorns, atomic bombs, mushroom clouds, nuclear test sites, destruction and recreation/redemption. Dessication and desertification are also issues, a direct opposite to my preoccupations with water. Uncannily the site of the temporary whirlwind drawing he created in the desert as part of the Nevada project was once a lake, where the Paiute Indians fished.


According to the exhibition write up “Through new paths of communication we discover new ways to explore and examine our thoughs. At the heart of these investigations is our natural instinct, a human endeavour to seek out what is not obvious to the naked eye. Introducing ways to experience the world and engage the mind through the senses, it is this human quality that lies at the root of this exhibition. Drawing on Ideas is about information and how we extract and then process this from the things that we see, feel, hear, taste and smell. It emphasises our individuality and our differences. ….The essence of what we know or what think we know is challenged everyday by what exists and what is created.”

This is food for thought.

To follow through from this I went to a concert by the Endymion Ensemble including two pieces by Arvo Pärt ‘Fratres’ from 1989 and ‘Summa’ from 1990, truly music for silent spaces.

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