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Full of stars, crows (black) and jackdaws, no bibles to be seen, Llareggub finally reversed on Friday 13th, wandering minstrels safely gathered in, Cowbois (Welsh) ride into town, Catatonian Cerys sings in church, Howard Marks as usual, Bard of Salford back again, Maconie telling tales, Mabinogion modernised, punks and Pogue, Keith Allen‘s Talent Show, Rugby Club hosts harps and flute, poetry proclaimed from the pulpit, Cafe Culture comes to life, Simon Armitage Seeing Stars ‘not poems’, sunshine and showers, moonlit night on the marshes, pubs overflowing, Celtic fringes, rap to dub ….. it could only be The Laugharne Weekend …….the alternative thinking person’s festival of words and music with a Celtic twist – perfect for ageing hippies and others.

Edited Highlights/Things I Learnt Over The Weekend

Haile Selassie once visited Laugharne. (Horatio Clare)

“Foot heads arms body” – headline in the Sun newspaper when Michael Foot was put in charge of the Institute for Strategic Studies. (Stuart Maconie)

When a 93 year old man and his 91 year old wife got divorced after 60+ years of marriage a reporter asked them ‘What took you so long?’ They smiled sweetly and said ‘We were waiting for the children to die.’ (Robin Williamson)

In Camden Town a Black Zombie is rum, brandy, pastis and coke in a pint glass. (James Fearnley)

According to John Updike, the Mabinogion is a ‘world of celtic superheroes’. (Stuart Maconie)

Simon Armitage has published a pamphlet called ‘The Motorway Service Station as a Destination in its Own Right’.

Wales is ‘a small coat with deep pockets’ according to writer Horatio Clare.

Some of one’s adolescent heroes improve with age – Robin Williamson should be ‘The Greatest Friend I Have In Life’.

I could not get any closer to the heron!

As I left on Monday I saw two swallows swooping down the main street of Laugharne (shown above minus the swallows). The first swallows of summer just arrived back from Africa.