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Found Landscape 5

Found Landscape 5, photography by Diana Hale


Found Landscape 7, photography by Diana Hale


Found Landscape 6, photography by Diana Hale

Waterloo Sunset Pavilion, photograph by Diana Hale

Waterloo Sunset Pavilion, photograph by Diana Hale

This is the wonderfully named Waterloo Sunset Pavilion at the Hayward Gallery on the South Bank by the Thames in London. Designed by American installation artist Dan Graham (with Haworth Tompkins Architects) and named after the 1967 Kinks song which caused him to “fall in love with London”, it was built in 2002-3. I only discovered it recently, by chance, coincidentally soon after watching Julien Temple’s documentary on Ray Davies, ‘Imaginary Man’. As well as wandering across Waterloo Bridge Davies is filmed in Muswell Hill where he grew up and where he still lives, near where I now live.

Dan Graham said

In England John Constable and John Martin are perhaps my favourite artists  – clouds are very important. so the pavilion faces the clouds…. It is about making people horizontal, not vertical. I want people to lie down.

There is a sign in the pavilion saying

This space is intended to be visually confusing. Please take care.

The landscapes above were discovered there, looking up on a rainy winter’s day.

I heard a piece of music at a concert the other day, written for solo classical guitar by American minimalist Bruce MacCombie called Nightshade Rounds and played by Manus Noble, which might fit this mood more and be an interesting alternative accompaniment.