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Suddenly it’s Spring. A walk in my nearest London wood shows the change even from a week ago. I feel the urgency in the air, bird song almost continuous, leaves unfurling almost visibly during a day. Reading an article in the Guardian about the centenary of Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes Rite of Spring enhances ideas of regeneration and newness as well as the frenzy of Spring. My inner pagan is emerging from hibernation. A time for new ideas, new projects.

Nicholas Roerich 1913 Ballets Russes design for Rite of Spring


A rare sunny day last week, but before the leaves started coming out, created this treescape, which caught my eye, suggesting invisible roots made visible. Although I have written so much about trees over the past few months I realized they have not yet found their way into any artwork. One reason I started this blog was to show work in progress – not that I have done much lately. The last day I tried drawing outside my hands were frozen in a few minutes. I like to start a theme by drawing from life and so I have been looking at what I have already on trees.


This giant tree at Kew Gardens reminds me a bit of Rupert Bear landscapes.


Whereas these willows make me think of Arthur Rackham illustrations.



These were done in Kew Gardens and have a more definite mood – darker and more foreboding, still rather reminiscent of book illustrations.

I want to try something different. Different media maybe or combining photography and other elements, text, ephemera, collage again maybe.


This is a collage I did a few years ago, which might provide some ideas.

It strikes me looking at these now that they are all rather like set designs, which reminds me that at age 17 I did want to be a set designer!

At least I can now hopefully go out and do something…….