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Jonathan Anderson, Pylon Totems

Jonathan Anderson, Pylon Totems

Stopping in Carmarthen on my way back from West Wales I was intrigued by an exhibition called Thin Place, at Oriel Myrddin Gallery. Curated by Ciara Healy it presents the work of five artists living on the west coast of Wales & Ireland who “engage in neo-animistic approaches to Place.”

A thin place, according to Ciara, “is an area in nature, often associated with the shoreline, where the veil between this world and another world is literally thin. Long ago it was believed that a departed soul entered the Otherworld in a thin place.”

I had not come across this term before but it seems to have the same meaning as liminal places, which I am certainly familiar with.

Jonathan Anderson’s work was particularly striking. His installation of rag and bitumen soaked sculptures could be seen as fetishistic crucifixes influenced by African or South American cultural traditions but in reality were inspired by the electricity pylons found all across the Welsh countryside.


My following train journey was haunted by the idea.

Transcript of talk by the curator:

Click to access Ciara-Healy-Curators-Talk.pdf