Landscapes Gallery

Marshland, acrylic on canvas

Marshland Sunset, acrylic on paper

Watery World I, mixed media on paper

Watery World II, mixed media on paper


10 thoughts on “Landscapes Gallery”

  1. Gorgeousness oh gorgeousness!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful art work! I too love the richness of colour. I also generally have a preference for subtle, subdued washes of colour, but the gorgeous-ness of colour here is just so uplifting.

  3. Great landscapes, almost like a mix with seascapes.

  4. Love the colors.

  5. maenamor said:

    Stunning colours, loved the Marshlands one 🙂

  6. Superb work, especially Watery World I.

    • Thank you – these are a bit different from my usual work as far as the colour palette goes. I am usually much more subdued so it is good to get some feedback.

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