Night Painting Gallery


Embankment, watercolour

Embankment, watercolour

River, watercolour

South Bank, watercolour

Thames at Night, watercolour

Rainy Night, watercolour


9 thoughts on “Night Painting Gallery”

  1. Thanks for visiting my bookbinding blog Diana. I need to get back to it. Your visit is inspiring me. I love your beautiful night paintings. The colors are lovely.

  2. There are some really lovely images here! Have you painted anything on the bleak and swampy Medway?

  3. Beautiful work, Diana! Your watercolors maintain a solidity that the medium often lacks.

  4. Oh, i almost forgot. What is it like to paint water in watercolour?

    • Hi Kathryn
      Thanks for your comment. I love painting water with watercolour as the wetness of the technique matches the flow and movement of water. It is good to be quite free in your approach and not too concerned with detail or being precise. To paint night scenes you need to use a lot of pigment though otherwise it is too light and insipid.

  5. Hi Diana. I live in Trinidad, an island, and i am very drawn to water…not necessarily to be in it, just near it–the lapping and the foaming, the light-playing and the textures of its surface and its depths. When i lived in Tampa (Florida) there was an area where you could go running along the water, and curving with the walkway was a grey bridge that appeared to be resting on huge matchsticks. I enjoyed the whimsical contrast. At night the water was the colour of liquorice.

    I like your paintings.

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